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5 Ridiculous Prayer Requests

I once did a study on what I titled the ‘ridiculous prayers’ of the bible.  These were prayer requests that from a human viewpoint may seem outlandish or over the top, but God saw fit to say ‘yes’ to.

This study included Moses asking to see God’s face, Solomon asking for wisdom, and Jabez asking for God’s blessing among others.  After I’d finished the study I was humbled when I thought of my own prayer life and my meager requests before the Lord.  I was also challenged to consider what could I possibly ask that may seem foolish or ridiculous, but that was not out of the realm of possibility from God’s perspective.

The result was the following list of five prayer items that I have been asking of the Lord for many years now.  You will see after each of these some references for others who either requested the same or perhaps are promises that I’m praying over related to this request.

1.       Power of the Holy Spirit when Preaching and Teaching

  1 Samuel 10:6; 1 Peter 4:11

2.       God’s Blessing on My Life and Ministry

  1 Chronicles 4:10; Isaiah 45:2-3

3.       Teach me Your Ways Lord – Knowing Why God Does What He Does

          Exodus 33:13

4.       See God’s Glory

  Exodus 33:18

5.       Wisdom for Life and Leadership

 1 Kings 3:9

What ‘ridiculous things’ are you asking Him for?

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