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Guidelines for Leading Outside Your Comfort Zone

In Romans 14 and 15 Paul addresses the question of whether Christians should be complete vegetarians or is it acceptable to eat meat, especially meat offered in sacrifices at pagan temples.  Paul uses this specific case to address broader issues that eating habits for believers.

Below are 3 general guidelines for believers, especially leaders, who are called upon to make a judgment call where there is no clear biblical mandate.  As leaders it seems like we face these almost daily.

Guideline #1          Assume the Right Attitudes!

Romans 14:1 – Accept him whose faith is weak

Romans 14:5 – Be fully convinced in your own mind

Romans 14:13 – Stop passing judgment on others

 Guideline #2          Ask the Right Questions!

Romans 14:15 – Is my brother distressed?

Romans 14:16 – Is it spoken of as evil?

Romans 14:19 – Does it lead to peace and mutual edification?

Romans 14:20 – Does it cause someone else to stumble?

Romans 14:23 – Do I have doubts about it?

Guideline #3          Apply the Right Principles!

Romans 14:22 – Keep your convictions to yourself

Romans 15:1 – Strong yield to the weak

Romans 15:2 – Seek to please your neighbor

So, how’s your comfort zone in relating and leading others who have different beliefs than you do?

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