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Spending a Half-Day with God #2

Here’s some practical ideas on how best to utilize your extended time alone with God.

The first step in spending a half-day with God is to schedule the time and a place.  The place must be free from distractions and interruptions.  After you have chosen the date, you must protect it from other urgent, pressing needs that will tempt you into canceling or postponing.  Remember that our enemy, the devil, is actively opposing this plan and will seek to get you to cancel or postpone this time with God.  Be mentally ready for a battle!

Take with you a Bible, a notebook and pen, a songbook and perhaps a devotional book that can help you focus on the Lord.

Divide your time into three parts.  During the first part you want to fellowship and worship the Lord.  Read the Bible (especially the Psalms), worship Him with singing, confess known sin in prayer and thank and praise Him for all His goodness and faithfulness.  During this time you also may want to read your devotional book in order to help focus our thoughts on Him.

During the second part of your time alone with God you will want to pray for others.  Remember to pray as specifically as possible.  A poor example would be, “Lord, please bless Joe.”  A better example would be, “Lord, please help Joe live a life that is pleasing to you.  Give Him a heart of obedience and a hunger for your Word.”  Pray for others what you would pray for yourself.

In the third part of your time, you want to especially pray for yourself.  Pray for wisdom and insight from the Lord.  Pray for His perspective on your life and its problems.  Pray that your heart will desire to do His will.  Pray that you may be used to glorify Him through what you do and say.  Pray over your future activities and plans.  If you are facing a problem, ask the Lord to show you the solution or how to overcome it.  Think through your current spiritual condition and make note of any impressions or ideas you may get from the Lord.

Before you finish your time alone with God, it is most helpful if you summarize in writing what things God has spoken to you.  Perhaps it is a decision that you made, a new objective for the future, a task or project that must be started or other important matters.  Don’t look for some mystical experience during this time.  Rather, if you have taken time alone with God, realize that there will be an impact in your daily life, even though you may not have some special feelings.

It is best if you can take this half-day alone with God on a regular basis, about every several months.  This is especially true if you are facing major decisions or stressful times.

Have you scheduled your next half-day alone with God?

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