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Dr. RJ (Bobby) Clinton shared the following with me some time ago regarding living a focused life. Note that these suggestions are best suited for those in their late 30s and 40s who are moving into mid-career contributions. His thoughts are numbered, my additions follow.

1. Do a thorough Ultimate Contribution Analysis. What is it that you want on your tombstone? What will be said about you at your funeral? What difference will your life have meant when you are gone?

2. Identify the priority Ultimate Contributions you want to focus on the next 5 years. This includes assessing your major role and adjusting it to fit the priorities or changing that major role altogether to enhance your priority legacies. Just how serious are you about this ‘focusing for impact’ idea anyway? What do you need to stop doing in order to begin to develop depth and focus so that God can use you in a greater way?

3. Choose your top ultimate contribution and lay out a strategy for focusing on it. Plans can help turn good intentions into reality. But just because you have a good plan does not ensure execution of it. Create some accountability to turn those plans into progress!

4. Repeat for your other prior ultimate contributions. You will have more than one ultimate contribution, but not dozens. These few contributions will revolve around your giftedness and will require you to concentrate in these areas to develop your life messages in them.

5. Identify your effective methodologies that are needed to be released in order to accomplish these priority legacies. Make sure you are using your effective methodologies to the utmost. Strategize to change your activities (major role adjustment) in order to use your effective methodologies. You effective methodologies are means by which you can platform and communicate your life messages. Will it be through direct or indirect leadership? Will your influence be written or oral? Will you concentrate on a few or seek to influence broadly? ‘

Focus for impact’ is the mantra of a life that will help to change the world for Christ! Are you becoming more and more a generalist or are you developing and honing your life messages for greater impact? How’s your focus?

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