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10 Qualities for Success

Some years ago Marvin Smith did a study on what made successful Navigator missionaries as a thesis for his Master’s degree.  The result of his study was a list of ten qualities that he was able to identify that contributed to those who were able to have long-term, fruitful ministries around the world.

Now certainly there are many factors that contributed to the lives and ministries of these people beyond this list of qualities, but as I reviewed them and compared it with my own experience and observations, I too could see the wisdom in what Marvin had identified.

The result was that I took these qualities and made them into a personal prayer list, asking God to help form these qualities into my own life.  Whether these are true or not for me is not for me to judge.  But I continue to ask HIm for these for me and others that I lead.  Perhaps you too would see the wisdom in asking the Lord to form these qualities in you.

Here’s the 10 Qualities of a Successful Missionary from Marvin Smith:

1.       Dependency on God

2.       Love and Compassion

3.       Sensitivity

4.       Humility

5.       Flexibility

6.       Harmony Builder

7.       Courage and Perseverance

8.       Willingness to Sacrifice

9.       Emotional Stability

10.     Good Family Life

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