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Applying the Bible to Your Life

A great strength of The Navigators movement is the emphasis on the practical application of the bible to life and leadership.  As our former international director reminds us, “Lead from the bible and into the bible!”

It’s easy to get caught up in sharing our own thoughts, ideas, and experiences – thus forgetting to point those we are influencing to the Scriptures.  It is the good seed of the Word of God that will take root and bear fruit in the lives of those we serve.


Many of us are leading small group bible studies.  At the end of each bible study you will want to be sure to make a personal application.  This application must be specific, practical, and attainable.

As you do each study, mark verses that impress you or speak to your heart.  Then, when you are finished, review all the verses that you marked.  Choose the one verse that most impressed you and make your personal application from this verse.

A poor application would sound like, “I need to witness more.”  A better  application would sound like, “This week I am going to visit my neighbor and seek to share my testimony.”  Be sure that your application is specific enough to know if you have completed it or not.

Remember, we study the Word of God not only to add to our knowledge, but to become more like Jesus.  By making specific applications from each bible study, we are attempting to change our life and become transformed into the image of Christ.

Give careful consideration to your personal applications, for it is through these that you will be gaining maturity in Christ.

 “Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves.  Do what it says.”   (James 1:22   NIV 1984)

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2 thoughts on “Applying the Bible to Your Life

  1. I could even suggest that without this practice one cannot be called a true Navigator.

  2. Or a true follower of Jesus!

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