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The Leader – BE

We continue to reflect upon a good way to organize our understanding of the complex subject of leadership.  Using the simple outline of Know – Be – Do – Reproduce we can categorize the important functions of this vast subject called leadership.  Today we will address the category of “Be – Who a Leader Is.”

1. Develop personal depth

Lead from an overflow of your walk an intimacy with Christ

  • Your intimacy with Christ grows as you spend time with Him in the Scriptures
  • Seek to know God’s ways, not just His actions
  • Develop depth and breadth in the Bible!
  • Bible reading plans can be very helpful – repetition is the key to learning

Read more and read selectively

  • Read and re-read good books!
  • Good books are tested by their continued influence over a long time
  • Read critically – always compare what you read with the Scriptures to insure alignment with Kingdom truth
  • Just because a book is popular today does not mean you should spend your precious reading time on it
  • Often our egos get involved because we want to seem “with it” by saying that we have read the “cool and current” rather than the “tried and true”
  • Create a “To Be Read” bookshelf and a folder for  current articles

We lead more from who we are, rather than from what we know

  • Lead from the inside out!
  • Lead from the strength of your God-given design and gifting
  • Lead from your ‘life messages’ given to you through your life experiences
  • Speak truth to those you lead, but always tempered with love

2. Develop Christlikeness

Be intentional about your character development

  • Leaders are like toothpaste tubes, when you squeeze them, what’s inside comes out!
  • We default to who we are when we are under pressure
  • Foundational areas for Christlike character development – love, humility, integrity, courage
  • Remember ‘The Golden Rule of Leadership’ – “Lead others the way you would want to be led.”  –  see Luke 6:31

3. Recharge your batteries – even the Energizer Bunny runs out of power!

Get some time away from your leadership responsibilities

  • Insure that your daily and weekly schedules have margin
  • Turn off your cell phone – you’re really not that important
  • You don’t have to answer every call immediately – use voice mail to your advantage to maintain your daily work efficiency and flow
  • Limit the number of times you check your email each day – you’re really not that important

Get a life outside of your ministry / work

  • Develop friendships with people outside of your work or ministry circles
  • Recreation and hobbies – know yourself and do what ‘fills your tanks” not what others think or do to fill their tanks
  • Take a break / take a vacation  –  you’re really not that important
  • Push yourself to learn something new!

Lead from an overflow and from a reserve!  How’s your leadership ‘gas gauge?’  Are you running on fumes?

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4 thoughts on “The Leader – BE

  1. Michael on said:

    Tom, great insight on leadership and how to “BE”. I love the way you bullet point the information and how applicable it is right now where I am at in my leadership journey. Always a great read… keep up the good work!

  2. Michael on said:

    Tom, I saw a post about recommended books and cannot find it again. Is there not a “search” function? Anyway, can you please send me that list, it had some great books. Thanks

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