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Leading from the Promises of God – Part 2

Kingdom leadership is a leadership of faith.  While it can be said that those who don’t lead in the Kingdom also must exercise faith, their faith is founded in something other than God.  It may be experience, resources, skills or something else.  But we who lead in the Kingdom find our faith rooted in the promises of God.

Within the Scriptures we can find both general promises, for all people at all time, and those specific personal promises that are for our own life and leadership.  J.O. Sanders reminds us of this regarding a promise from God, “A promise by God is a pledge by God. It provides the warrant and forms the basis of the prayer of faith. The stability of a promise rests upon the character and resources of the One who makes it, even as the value of a cheque depends on the probity and resources of the one who signs it. The character and fidelity of God vouch for the credibility of the promises He makes.”

God sometimes gives to individuals specific promises that relate to their own unique situations at a certain time. The Holy Spirit impresses these special passages of Scripture upon our hearts and we have an inner assurance that this is part of His special leading in our lives. The immediate context of the passage may refer to another person, place or time, but we hear God’s voice speaking to our heart concerning our current situation.

Though such personal promises are a means of God revealing and confirming His will to us, we must always remember that this is a very subjective process. “The heart is deceitful above all things” (Jeremiah 17:9) and as such we are capable of reading into certain passages of Scripture what we want to see. We can deceive ourselves, if we are not careful.

Again, Sanders encourages us, “But promises must be distinguished from facts. We accept a stated fact of God’s Word, but we plead a promise. When God proclaims a fact, faith accepts and acts upon it. When God makes a promise, we comply with its conditions, claim its fulfillment and receive the promised favour. The function of the prayer of faith is to turn God’s promises into facts of experience. The patriarchs through faith obtained the fulfillment of God’s promises (Hebrews 11:33), and turned them into personal experience.”

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