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God’s Care

The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want. Psalm 23:1 ESV

Of all the animals God could have compared His people to He chose sheep. Sheep are easily frightened and scattered and can become lost. Sheep need a shepherd.  Without one, they are easy prey to many predators.  The shepherd provides for, protects, and guides the sheep under his care. He is entrusted with their welfare.

We are like sheep and the Lord is our shepherd.  He is our shepherd. Without His care, we are easy prey to our enemy, the devil.  By trusting and relying on Him we can overcome our fears.  He has promised to provide, protect, and guide us.  He is our Good Shepherd (see John 10:11). He has our best interests at heart. We can trust Him to always do what is right for us – whether if feels right to us or not!

  • The Lord will provide for us.  What do the following passages say about His promised provision? — 2 Corinthians 9:6-11; Philippians 4:19
  • The Lord will protect us from all that threatens us.  What is said about God’s protection in the following passages? — Psalm 91:1-8; Isaiah 41:10

Question to ponder:  Do you need God to provide for, protect, or guide you today? Ask Him for help.

Passages for further reflection: Psalm 5:10-12; Psalm 34:4-10

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